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Public rooms are visible and joinable by anyone who has access to the chat chattrum för svikit makar rooms beta and hasnt been banned from the community.
You could leave a comment on a thread, but in order to see the replies in real time, you'd have to constantly refresh the pagean impractical and inelegant way to get anything done.
Some communities already had well-established chats on third-party apps, like Slack and Discord and even Internet Relay Chat.
Again, let us know in the stickied comment below if you want in to the beta.On the redesign, users in the beta can look in the subreddit sidebar to see chat rooms for that community and join them in order to chat.Reddit has several teams devoted to brigading and trolling, including an Anti-Evil team that builds tools to make the platform safer.Wired piece on the thinking behind chat explores some of these issues in more depth.).In the same post, u/thunderemoji adds that Reddit made moderation features a major priority for our roadmap early in the process so that mods would have plenty of tools at their disposal.And you can, of course, ask if anyone knows if a chat room exists for that obscure topic that you cant get enough.Remove all messages in all rooms from a specific user.If a subreddits mods dont think they can handle the additional moderation, they dont have to activate the feature.Think of it like a community center for a subreddit: It creates a space to talk without pretense, to bring discussions beyond the comment threads, or simply hang out with strangers online.Furthermore, users dont have to chat if they dont want (just like they dont have to comment, upvote, downvote, etc.).In the future, well be adding a more robust roles and permissions system for chat which will let mods give some chat moderation permissions to people who arent a part of the full mod team."There are different levels of formality involved in posting versus chatting says.So moderators redirected their communities to Google Docs or Google Sheets, using the color picker to replicate the r/place map; others huddled on Slack or, oddly, even Facebook Messenger to plan their conquests.The reason for expanding into messaging and group chats is pretty obvious to anyone who has spent a bit of time on Reddit: A growing number of Subreddits now run their own chat rooms on Discord, a chat service popular with video gamers.

While I recommend just sorting by Top to get a quick sense of the real gems, there are plenty of other interesting rooms you might just want to jump into head-first.Moderation, lock room: prevent everyone in a room from sending messages while the room is locked.Even then, it seems that chat rooms are still rolling out to everyone, as there are definitely some subreddits I frequent in that chat room request thread that dont have chat rooms just yet.People in the beta and on the redesign will be able to find public rooms they can join in the sidebar of communities that have public rooms.For communities who have subreddit chat enabled, mods will be able to add chat rooms to their communities, and invite anyone theyd like to those rooms.The chat functionality itself is at this point fairly bare-bones, and a bit reminiscent of IRC chats.That said, its certainly possible that your favorite subreddit doesnt have a chat room.
Click on the one that looks like a chat bubble with three dots in it, which should pull up Reddits new chat room feature in the lower-right portion of your browser.

Credit: Screenshot: Janko Roettgers / Variety.
The test was officially announced on the site three weeks ago.